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Karibu Maskani Pride…Welcome to Maskani Pride!

Maskani Pride is a small, locally owned company, registered in Tanzania.  Maskani is the Swahili word for home or dwelling place.  We offer community based tourism as we believe that this is a great way for people to experience our Tanzanian culture!

Our focus is on home stays, since this offers visitors an opportunity to get to know the local people, their culture and day to day lives at a grass root level. Whether you are a volunteer or a traveler, here to spend a few days on safari or mountain climbing, you are welcome to stay with our host families and experience their daily activities, exploring the culture in a unique fashion.

In addition to taking care of your accommodation with a local family we can also organize free volunteer placements, medical internships, safaris and mountain climbs.



Whether you are an individual looking for an exciting opportunity, a school group looking for a really worthwhile project to support, or a group of friends who want to make a real difference in Tanzania, you are welcome to volunteer with us.
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Joining our internship program in Tanzania offers you the opportunity to be completely immersed in the culture and work environment. You will gain an in-depth understanding of issues affecting your chosen profession in Tanzania, Read More


Our focuses are all about people; about active engagement and genuine connection between travelers and locals; about understanding along with adventure. At Maskani Pride, we are proud that our volunteers and visitors have the opportunity to live with a local Tanzanian
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