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Maskani Pride is proud to be a Tanzanian organisation based in the towns of Arusha and Moshi in Northern Tanzania. Arusha is the safari capital of Tanzania and the gate-way to world famous natural attractions such as the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. Moshi lies at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. We are able to offer accommodation in both of these towns. Maskani Pride can provide you with the perfect base for exploring not only the culture, but also the natural wonders this magnificent country has to offer. Maskani Pride was created for travelers and volunteers to provide the best quality, low-cost accommodation and free volunteer experiences in Northern Tanzania. We provide daily, weekly or long-term accommodation in Arusha and Moshi. Tanzanians are warm and welcoming people. They are ready to share their culture with you, and also want to learn about yours! All you have to do is challenge yourself to break out of your comfort zone and be curious. We’ll introduce you to the locals, and the rest is up to you.
About the Managing Director My name is Hassani and I am the founder of Maskani Pride. I was born in the small, rural village of Kiteto in the Manyara region of Tanzania. Although my childhood was happy, I was always aware that opportunities in Kiteto were limited. As the youngest in a large family, I was unable to start school until I was 10 years old. At first, school was a struggle, but I persevered and began to perform well. Realising my potential and ambition, my parents dreamed of giving me the opportunity to attend a Government Boarding School. Determined to support me, my family scraped together enough money to send me to school in Moshi. In my third year I was lucky enough to be part of an exchange programme to the UK, where I met a very kind man who realized how difficult it was for my parents to finance my education. He decided to sponsor me through school. During school holidays, I would go to help my aunty, who had founded an orphanage and school in Arusha. It was important for me to give something back to my community and to offer support and love to children who have not been blessed with the same opportunities as I have. Later, I met a wonderful American lady, who wanted to help me take my education further. Through her I have been able to complete my degree in Medical Laboratory Science. I am now working hard to repay the debt I owe those kind hearted people who chose to take a chance on me. Whilst I cannot do this financially, I can continue to help other children and families here in Tanzania. I coordinate the sponsorship for a number of local children on behalf of my American mama and continue to volunteer my time at Orphanages. I am proud of my country and the beauty and resilience of its people. Maskani Pride allows me share a little of this with travellers, whilst providing a small income to local families and the valuable support of volunteers to local projects. One day, maybe I will be able to give another child from a small, rural village the opportunity to reach their full potential.



Whether you are an individual looking for an exciting opportunity, a school group looking for a really worthwhile project to support, or a group of friends who want to make a real difference in Tanzania, you are welcome to volunteer with us.
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Joining our internship program in Tanzania offers you the opportunity to be completely immersed in the culture and work environment. You will gain an in-depth understanding of issues affecting your chosen profession in Tanzania, Read More


Our focuses are all about people; about active engagement and genuine connection between travelers and locals; about understanding along with adventure. At Maskani Pride, we are proud that our volunteers and visitors have the opportunity to live with a local Tanzanian
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