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Home stays

Our focuses are all about people; about active engagement and genuine connection between travellers and locals; about understanding along with adventure. At Maskani Pride, we are proud that our volunteers and visitors have the opportunity to live with a local Tanzanian family and truly be integrated with their local community during their entire stay. If you choose to stay with a host family, you will be treated as a member of the family, eat your meals together and experience a level of cultural and linguistic immersion that goes far beyond the limits of tourism. Participating in an international homestay is one of the best ways to experience cultural immersion in Tanzania as you learn about another language (Swahili), cultural norms and local traditions. MP places volunteers with hosts who enjoy learning about other cultures and appreciate the unique opportunity that hosting an international volunteer/traveller gives to their family. All of our Host families have been carefully chosen by Maskani Pride. As part of the homestay program, volunteers eat their meals with their homestay families. They'll see first-hand how traditional Tanzanian meals are prepared and cooked, and get a chance to try some Tanzanian classics. Whether you are sharing a plate of ugali (corn meal) and dagaa(small fishes) with your Tanzanian family, your homestay experience with MP hosts will provide memories and friendships lasting a lifetime.


Our Hostel

We focus mainly  on homestays, but for those who are not interested in staying with a local family, hostel accomodations are also available. Both our Hostels in Moshi and Arusha are located in secure areas and only a few minutes from the City Centres. We offer accommodation to short and long term volunteers and also to travellers who visit these two places either for safari, mountain climbing or even a relaxing vacation. We have 1, 2, and 4 mixed bedrooms where you can get to meet like-minded people and share the Tanzania experience. Both our hostels are fully furnished, with laundry services available, hot water, parking area, security and a garden. Breakfast and dinner are provided at the hostel. Vegetarians and other dietary requirements are catered for.  It is also our tradition that volunteers pick one of the weekends to cook and prepare dinner for everybody. In this way, our staff, travellers and volunteers can get to taste foreign dishes.



Prices for Maskani Pride are the same whether you choose to stay with a host family or stay at our hostel. We have 1, 2 and 4 mixed bedrooms at our hostel which have both single and shared bathrooms, hot showers and European toilets.

If you choose to stay with a host family, you will be provided with your own room and keys.

Our prices are listed below:

• For those staying less than a month the cost is $20 per person per night.

• For those staying more than 4 weeks the cost is $18 per night.

The cost includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for breakfast, dinner and laundry services (done twice a week).

NOTE: There are volunteer visa costs (200$US), as well as the one time application

processing fee (50$US), that you also need to pay, please visit the general

information page for details or contact us via email, for

more information and bookings.




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