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During your stay at our hostels or one of the host families you will have the opportunity to experience many exciting things in Tanzania. We give our volunteers and travellers the opportunity to immerse themselves in genuine Tanzanian culture. We are proud of our culture and encourage volunteers to explore the community as this is the main aim of Maskani Pride. See our activities menu below that offers a wide variety of options suitable for families, groups and the individual traveller.

Maasai Village

Enjoy a culture tour of a local Maasai village. You will learn about Maasai customs, the roles and responsibilities of men and women, how they build their traditional clay houses, how boys become warriors, and how the children are educated. You can also participate in a traditional Maasai dance or purchase authentic handmade Maasai jewelry. You’ll enjoy traditional meals and rituals. Fees  depend on number of people in a group. The fees include return trip to the Maasai village, bottled water, entrance to the village, and a professional tour guide.

The Hadzabe Bushmen

The Hadza live in a communal setting and engage in cooperative child rearing, where many individuals (both related and unrelated) provide high quality care for children. The Hadza move camp for a number of reasons. Conflict is resolved primarily by leaving camp; camps frequently split for this reason. Camps are abandoned when someone falls ill and dies, as illness is associated with the place they fell ill. There is also seasonal migration between dry-season refuges, better hunting grounds while water is more abundant, and areas with large numbers of tubers or berry trees when they are in season.

The Hadza are highly skilled, selective, and opportunistic foragers, and adjust their diet according to season and circumstance. If you choose to visit one of the hadza family, you can learn how they hunt in pairs, and spend entire nights lying in wait by waterholes, hoping to shoot animals that approach for a night-time drink, with bows and arrows treated with poison.

Waterfall Visit

The waterfall are around 30-35 minutes outside of Moshi. These waterfalls provide a relaxing day trip for you that enables you to see more of the countryside, whilst stretching your legs and you can also swim so do not forget your swimsuit.  For those that are interested you can also pass by and visit the local caves and the Chagga museum which is located a few minutes walk from the waterfalls.


Arusha Snake Park

The snake park is a special treasure of Arusha, a wonderful source of enjoyment and relaxation for locals and foreign visitors. The snake park is located 25km west of Arusha on the route to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. The snake park provides various activities, take a guided tour and learn about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, from the Black and Green Mamba, Egyptian Cobra, Puff Adders and many more. Capture your special moment and hold a real live snake. Check out the 3m plus crocodiles at feeding time and touch a baby crocodile.


Lake Duluti

50 minutes from Moshi. Walk round the shores of the lake and enjoy a drink or some food at the café or have a picnic. There is a variety of activities offered in Lake Duluti from; Canoeing trips on the Lake, Hiking in the Great Duluti Forest, Bird watching in the Duluti Forest, Scenic walks, jogging and mountain biking.


Hot Spring

The Hot Springs are located approximately 2 hours drive from Moshi town. This is a Natural clean spring water, ideal for swimming in the warm water and relaxation. The surrounding areas provide stunning views with a great picnic spot and tour into one of the Maasai huts will be worthwhile. You will be accompanied by a driver and guide and can spend as little or as long as you like, with the option to camp overnight in this idyllic spot. Contact us for more information via email.




Whether you are an individual looking for an exciting opportunity, a school group looking for a really worthwhile project to support, or a group of friends who want to make a real difference in Tanzania, you are welcome to volunteer with us.
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Our focuses are all about people; about active engagement and genuine connection between travelers and locals; about understanding along with adventure. At Maskani Pride, we are proud that our volunteers and visitors have the opportunity to live with a local Tanzanian
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